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Frequently Asked Questions

Over the years of customer care, we compiled a small list of frequently asked questions from customers. Hope this page is helpful to you.

General Questions

Q. What is the shelf life of your products?

A. The shelf life of our products unopened is generally two years. Once opened, we recommend that the product be used within 30 to 60 days if possible. The product life length after being opened can vary depending on how the product is handled, but should be good within 30 to 60 days.

Q. What is the difference between Liver Detox  & Support and Ultra Cleansing System

A. Both products contain the essential nutrients to help liver detox. But Liver Detox has a better performance as it is designed specifically for liver detox. While Ultra Cleansing System is more towards whole body cleanse.

Q. I bought a few products from you, can I take them together?

A. Yes, you can. But do consult your doctor and watch your dosage.

Q. I'm on a medication, can I take your product together?

A. We highly suggest that you consult your doctor prior to use. Generally, try to avoid taking together. Give at least 4 hours gap to avoid any drug-herbal interactions.

Q. I notice a difference in color variation between capsules, is there a quality issues?

A. This is extremely common in our industry. The raw materials can vary in color to batch to batch depending on the source from which it comes. Think of a plant or a flower that comes from nature, they can all be similar in color yet vary ever so slightly. We don’t add anything artificial to make it all look the same (hence unifying the color) so it keeps its purity. Be rest assured that potency and purity are guaranteed. We would not let a batch goes out if there are quality issues.

Q. Why do you use magnesium stearate and stearic acid?

A. I understand the concern of some when it comes to seeing magnesium stearate used in products. We do use it in a number of our products as a lubricant for processing. It is derived from a vegetable source and we use it in a very minute amount, and therefore, have to put it on our label. Stating this, the amounts that would be found in the final product would be deemed insignificant to cause for any real concern. There would not be any effect on immunity or absorption of the product itself. Nowfoods has an article posted on their site addressing these materials.

Liver Detox & Support Questions

Q. I feel drained and sick after taking the Liver Detox for few days. Is this common?

A. When liver was unable to function properly for a period of time, what happen is that toxins pile up in your liver. Until you provide the required nutrients such as our Liver Support, it starts flushing out toxins from the liver. In most cases, you will feel drained and sick especially the first 3 to 7 days because these waste products are all around your body before they are excreted. Thus, your body will use up a lot of energy. Please do not worry, as most customers reported back they felt better and healthier after the first week. You could reduce your dosage to half until you feel better.

Q. What kind of results could I expect?

A. Individual results may vary. Depending on your health condition, you may or may not experience the same as others. Some people would have a lot of energy. Some people would experience weight loss. Some people would have clearer skin. But We can't guarantee you would experience the same results. All we can guarantee is the potency of the ingredients backed by clinical studies to support a normal healthy liver.

Q. I'm happy about the product and have been taking it for few months continuously, is it safe?

A. Our formula is designed for long term maintenance. We follow the standard dosage and it is safe to consume daily as long as you are not overdosing.

Q. How long should I take your Liver Support & Detox?

A. We recommend at least 3 to 6 months. A liver requires 6 months to fully detox and regenerate its cells.

Q.  Can I drink wine when taking your product?

A. Yes, you can. But do control the amount.

Q.  Will I lose weight?

A. Although we receive feedback from customers about their success in losing weight after taking our Liver Detox & Support. But we can't guarantee if you would experience the same or similar results. There are a lot more factors in it which greatly affected by your lifestyle such as diet plan, mindset, workouts, etc.

Q. How should I take your Liver Support & Detox?

A. Most customers take 2 capsules 30mins before breakfast. Some customers take 1 capsule 30 minutes before breakfast and 1 capsule 1 hour after dinner. Either way works. It depends on your health condition as some of you may not be able to sleep when you take it at night. You can always change this to adapt your lifestyle.